About Us

We're more than just a jewelry store—we're a gateway to fandom-inspired creativity and craftsmanship. Since 2012, we've been crafting bespoke 3D printed and cast jewelry pieces that pay homage to the worlds of Doctor Who, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars, and beyond. With a passion for precision and an eye for detail, we bring your favorite characters and universes to life through wearable art. But our dedication to fandom doesn't stop there. We're also known for our expertly crafted TV and movie prop replicas, inspired custom creations, and community initiatives. From building little free libraries for our local community to curating presentations at fandom conventions, we're committed to spreading the joy of fandom far and wide. Step into our universe and discover the magic of fandom-inspired jewelry and craftsmanship.

Mad Man With A Workshop is a seasoned creator and visionary, with a passion for bringing fandom worlds to life through art, props, and costuming. Since 2012, they have been immersed in the world of fandom, crafting TV and movie prop replicas, inspired custom creations, and captivating presentations at conventions. Known for attention to detail and a knack for authenticity, they have brought iconic pieces like the full-scale TARDIS from Doctor Who, Bag End Hobbit Hole from Lord of the Rings, and 221b Baker Street Fireplace from Sherlock Holmes to life, delighting fans and enthusiasts alike. Beyond prop making, they have also made a positive impact on the community by building little free libraries, fostering a love for reading, and spreading the joy of fandom to all who encounter their work. With each creation, they invites fans to step into their favorite worlds and experience the magic firsthand.