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TARDIS Pride Cufflinks

TARDIS Pride Cufflinks

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Celebrate you, celebrate your Pride, celebrate through your accessories

Celebrate diversity and fandom with our TARDIS PRIDE cufflinks. Measuring approximately 32mm by 15mm, this striking piece features PRIDE color variations, beautifully capturing the essence of inclusivity and adventure. Perfect for fans of Doctor Who and supporters of LGBTQ+ pride, this cufflinks are a bold and stylish statement of love and acceptance. Wear them proudly and let your true colors shine.

3D Renders provided 

Produced with HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) in Full Color Nylon, please note that dark colors may not appear as rendered due to technology limitations. Available in a natural matte slightly grainy finish or in a smooth finish, with a slightly glossy finish that helps make the color more vibrant.

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